Sliding Glass Systems

The sliding glass balcony working mechanism, which brings an original, aesthetic and stylish design to its balconies, is a very practical system. Sliding balconies, which offer livable areas in all seasons, have a mechanism that can be moved on the rail. In these models, which work in a system similar to the automatic door, the windows can be opened and closed by moving the glass mechanism in the right-left orbit.


Insulation brushes are used in the vertical joints of the glass panels, at the wall ends, in all the working spaces between the rail and the panel, and the system has the maximum insulation level that can be provided.


Royalclass allows you to choose the security lock you want in security lock options, with beak mortise lock, keyed hook lock, mushroom head espagnolette.


In its double-glazed version, Royalclass sliding galass provides 4.3 times more insulation than single glass. In this way, your spaces become cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


4+12+4 Insulating glass 3 different glass types are used as 8 mm and 10 mm. Glass selection is made according to the place where the system will be applied.


It can be opened and closed easily with its advanced wheel assembly with 1.5 meters wide wings that do not obstruct the panoramic view.

Thanks to its special design, Royal Class sliding glass allows to make rails from 1+1 rail to the desired number.


As with all products of Royalclass cam, all bearings and components in siliding glass are guaranteed stainless.


The rail-mounted profile integrated into the Royalclass system acts as a water trough inside the bottom, while it acts as a dripper from the outside.


Thanks to the folding design of Royalclass siliding glass, all windows can be wiped both internally and externally while opening and closing.


Curtains, mosquito nets or, if desired, shutters can be attached to the outer rail of the system to control the passage of sun and flies.

Royal class sliding glass, which can be used with and without threshold, provides flexible solutions from restaurants, cafes, conservatories to balconies.

Royal Class sliding glass was designed as a useful and decorative system, optionally dust-stain-proof ESPC Paint can be used in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding Glass Systems

We see that foldable and sliding glass balconies are among the most preferred models in glass balconies. Folding windows are glass systems that occupy more space than sliding windows. For this reason, many people prefer sliding glass systems due to both space saving and practical use.

These systems, which have won hearts with their practical use, are produced with two different working mechanisms, with and without threshold.

You can easily find the right working mechanism and model according to the characteristics of your space, your personal preferences and the sliding glass balcony you need.

There are many different system models available around the growing world of decorative design. Sliding glass systems, which are easily used in many indoor or outdoor environments, bring many features. It is frequently preferred in terms of keeping sound and heat in terms of insulation. The fact that it has very convenient advantages in terms of savings creates important factors.

Hall and Living Room

Thanks to the system you can use in your home, you can find decorative designs by obtaining a much more beautiful image. You will get comfort in terms of supporting the use of curtains. You can easily change the frame color and glass model according to your wishes.


Perhaps one of the most applied areas is balcony types. Glass systems will be very useful in terms of putting the area in a wider position. It has advantageous opportunities without causing problems especially in terms of cleaning. When viewed from the outside, it provides a much more pleasant and aesthetic appearance.

Cafes and Restaurants

One of the most preferred models by business owners is to make their spaces look more spacious. It becomes the focus of attention of customers through the systems used. It exhibits the features of opening and closing effortlessly and without effort, creating benefits especially in terms of use in large spaces. It is preferred because it does not allow all kinds of adverse weather conditions that may come from outside.

Sliding glass balconies are very practical and useful glass balcony systems that provide many advantages to their users. To briefly touch on the advantages of sliding glass balconies for users:

They are glass balcony systems that are extremely durable when produced from quality materials. With this feature, you will have a long-lasting product that you can use for years without any problems.
Glass balcony systems, which offer special solutions for every space, are systems that easily adapt to balconies of any size and style.
These are glasses that you can clean quite easily.
It helps you to create comfortable spaces for all four seasons without saying summer-winter-autumn-spring. Sliding glass balcony models, which offer the opportunity to live without seasons, will make you comfortable in every sense.
It provides protection against external influences with its screen feature.
They are products that increase the usable area of your space. Since it does not fold, it allows you to make maximum use of your space.
Safe and locked models also provide protection against theft.
Wide model, color and profile options allow you to reach products that are in perfect harmony with the architectural line of your space.

Sliding glass balconies can be prepared in many different types of glass. Of course, among these glass types, it provides the heat protection they want to the customers in terms of thermal insulation. Insulating glass is an essential requirement, especially in cold seasons when temperature differences are too great. In addition to insulating glass, sliding glass balconies can be created from many different glasses. If we need to briefly touch on these glass types:

Reflective Glass: These glasses protect the surface against the sun by refracting sunlight. It is a product that is often used on exteriors. The metallic coating placed on the surface acts as a mirror and reflects the rays.
Laminated Glass: This type of sliding glass balcony uses PVB materials called polyvinyl butral. When combined with pressure and heat, these glass models gain a very durable form. It is especially ideal for those who want extra features in sound insulation. Although it is frequently used in automobile and safety glasses, it is a type of glass that can be used especially in the glasses of workplaces and residences that need security.
Tempered Glass: These glasses have a very durable structure. Also known as toughened glass, this glass model minimizes the risk of injury and does not break into pieces when broken. It is a sliding glass balcony product that is frequently preferred on exteriors as it is very durable. If you are looking for a glass model that is both durable and safe to reduce your risk of injury, you can consider purchasing this glass model.

Double Glass: This glass model, also known as Isıcam, is a type of glass in which three or two flat glasses come together. There is an air gap between the layers. In this way, the temperature of the space is maintained at the maximum level thanks to the air between the windows. It also provides many advantages to its users in terms of energy saving. If you want to preserve the warmth of your space at the maximum level, you can choose the glass type while choosing the model among the sliding glass balcony types.