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“Cam Sistemleri” genellikle cam kullanarak yapılan bina yapı elemanlarını ifade eder. Örnekler arasında cam cephe sistemleri, cam kapı ve pencere sistemleri, cam balkon sistemleri, cam korkuluk sistemleri ve cam bölme sistemleri bulunabilir. Bu sistemler genellikle estetik görünümleri ve ısı ve ses izolasyonu sağlamak için kullanılır.


Glass Series


Cam Sistemleri Hakkında Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Sliding glass systems, which can be easily used in many indoor or outdoor environments, bring many features. These systems are frequently preferred for insulation as they preserve sound and heat. The fact that they have very favourable advantages in terms of savings creates important factors.

  1. Hall and Living Room
  2. Thanks to the system you can use in your home, you can find decorative designs by obtaining a much more beautiful appearance. You will gain comfort as it supports the use of curtains. You can easily change the frame colour and glass model as you wish.
  3. Balcony
  4. Perhaps one of the areas that they are applied is the types of balconies. Glass systems will be very useful in terms of making the area wider. The system offers advantageous opportunities without any problems, especially in terms of cleaning. It allows you to obtain a much more pleasant and aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside.
  5. Cafes and Restaurants
  6. One of the models most preferred by business owners is to make their spaces look more spacious. It becomes the centre of attention of customers thanks to the systems used. It exhibits its features of opening and closing effortlessly and effortlessly, creating benefits especially for use in large spaces. It is preferred because it does not allow any adverse weather conditions that may come from outside.
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The pergola awning model has many different types of models according to the features desired by the customers and the characteristic qualities of the space. To give examples of these models:

Double Sided Pergola Awning: These awnings are awning models that can be opened in both directions connected to the steel cantilever system in the middle of the uprights. When the awning is opened, the awnings start to open in the right and left directions. These models, which can be designed as wheeled or fixed, are preferred especially in places with large seating areas such as gardens.

Hanging Pergola Awning: These pergola awnings, which are especially preferred in cafes and restaurants, have very durable mechanisms. In cases where no feet or support should be applied to the ground in open and large areas, hanging systems carry the load of the awning. These pergola awnings are used in cases where either the base connection cannot be made or the base connection is not preferred for visual reasons.

Lighted Pergola Awning: These are awning models preferred to create a stylish visual feast especially in areas such as pools and patios. The light system illuminates the space at night without the need for another lighting system and makes the spaces shine with its stylish and warm appearance.

Glass Pergola Awning: Glazed pergola awning models, which are used especially in workplaces, balconies and attics, are awnings where the pergola system is supported by glass. With the pergola system, an opening-closing mechanism is installed on the roof of the space. Then the skin

Rail Pergola Awning: Rail pergolas, which are among the most preferred pergola awning models, are systems that are controlled by a remote control system and the awning is moved on rails, making the area sheltered.

Pergola Awning with Oval Roof: These pergola models are extra durable models that prevent the space from getting air and water, especially in bad weather conditions. It prevents leaks with its rail, fabric, front profile design and rear beam mechanism that provides high-level protection.