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“Glass Systems” generally refers to building structural elements made using glass. Examples may include glass facade systems, glass door and window systems, glass balcony systems, glass railing systems and glass partition systems. These systems are generally used to provide aesthetic appearance and heat and sound insulation.

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To give examples of areas where pergola awnings are used;

greenhouse areas
Roofless areas

In general, the pergola awning model has many different types of models according to the features desired by the customers and the characteristic features of the place. To give examples of these models:

Double Sided Pergola Awning: These awnings are awning models that can be opened in both directions, connected to the steel console system in the middle of the vertical legs. When the awning is opened, the awnings begin to open to the right and left. These models, which can be designed with wheels or fixed, are especially preferred in places with large seating areas such as gardens.

Suspended Pergola Awning: These pergola awnings, which are especially preferred in cafes and restaurants, have very durable mechanisms. Suspended systems carry the load of the awning in cases where feet or support should not be applied to the ground in open and wide areas. These pergola awnings are used in situations where a base connection cannot be made or a base connection is not preferred for visual reasons.

Illuminated Pergola Awning: They are the awning models preferred especially to create a stylish visual feast in areas such as pools and patios. The light system not only illuminates the place at night without the need for another lighting system, but also makes the spaces shine with its stylish and warm appearance.

Glazed Pergola Awning: Glassed pergola awning models, which are especially used in workplaces, balconies and attics, are awnings in which the pergola system is supported by glass. With the pergola system, an opening-closing mechanism is installed on the roof of the space. Then, the awning system is closed with glass window areas, providing horizontal protection of the space. The look we are familiar with in closed balconies is combined with the quality and durability of the pergola.

Rail Pergola Awning: One of the most preferred pergola awning models, rail pergolas are systems controlled by a remote control system and where the awning is moved on the rails, making the area sheltered.

Oval Roof Pergola Awning: These pergola models are extra durable models that prevent the space from getting air and water, especially in bad weather conditions. It prevents leaks with its high-level protection rail, fabric, front profile design and rear beam mechanism.