Royal Class R&D

The R&D and Project Design department adopts the customer-oriented design principle. Customer demands and expectations form the basis of inputs in the design process.

The customer is informed about all stages of the design and a strong communication is established with the customer. 

Technical drawings and electronic software, along with analysis, design and modelling stages, are made by electronic-mechanical engineers and architects in the RoyalClass R&D and Project Design unit.

During the product development and project design stages, the principle of working in accordance with quality management systems is maintained.

By using state-of-the-art technology products, software and three-dimensional modelling, accurate and instant information is shared with the customer in projects. 

After design and modelling stages, various analyses are made and your project is presented to you in the most appropriate and optimal way based on season, geography and many other variables.

The presented 2D and 3D project drawings play an active role in helping customers make the right decisions for the right project. 

Royal Class is aware of the importance that the RD and Project Design team carries for project solutions and uses 7% of its turnover to develop this area more every day.