Compact System is a shading system that opens 110° axially with a special motor mechanism supported by roof and upright legs in movable aluminum ceiling systems.
In this way, it is possible to adjust the sun rays at the desired angle.
The system, which opens axially with its special rotation technology, provides strong insulation and durability thanks to water tightness with wick and gasket.

In addition to water drainage, the chambers inside the panels provide resistance to snow power. While providing full isolation against the hot and cold air in your comfort zone, indoor lighting is provided by the LEDs in the profiles.
Experience the seasons in comfort and luxury with Pergola, Bioclimatic and Biocompact roof systems.





Structure Details


The panel profile can reach a width of 4 meters in one piece. The chambers inside the profile section increase the resistance and strength of the profile against snow load.In addition, these chambers offer an effective solution for hot-cold insulation.

Strut Front Profile

Raw materials : Alüminyum T5 6063
The strut profile can reach a height of 3.5 meters. Provides easy installation with its removable front cover

Rain Gutter

Raw Material: Aluminum T5 6063 With special channels and wicks

Superior water tightness. Easy & fast water drainage.



Sliding Glass ​

They are manual glass systems that move in the horizontal plane.

– Provides spaciousness to spaces.

– Provides heat and sound insulation.

– It is easy to use and practical.

Zip - Curtain

It provides protection against sun and wind on the exterior of buildings, houses and offices and gives an aesthetic appearance.

– Reduces UV rays by 70-80%.

-It partially eliminates the force of the wind.

– It prevents the passage of pests and insects.

– It provides savings in the amount of fuel used for heating.


They are automatic glass systems that move in a vertical plane.
Thanks to its motorized use feature, you can make your life easier and
provides comfort. It offers maximum use to the spaces and
It allows more natural light to enter the environment. heat and sound
provides insulation. Limit your living space with a single touch.

ZIP - Curtain Fabric Options ​

Anthracite 86-2047
Anthracite 86-2047
Black 86-2053
Black 86-2053
Pepper 86-2012
Pepper 86-2012
Boulder 86-2171
Boulder 86-2171
Alu-anthracite 86-2068
Alu-anthracite 86-2068
Sandy Beige 86-2135
Sandy Beige 86-2135
Cocoa 86-2148
Cocoa 86-2148
Concrete 86-2167
Concrete 86-2167
Champagne 86- 2175
Champagne 86- 2175
White 86-2044
White 86-2044
Alu-Oat 86-2046
Alu-Oat 86-2046
Beaten Metal 86-2045
Beaten Metal 86-2045
Alu-Alu 86-2048
Alu-Alu 86-2048
Alu-White 86-2051
Alu-White 86-2051
Bronze 86-2043
Bronze 86-2043

It provides protection against sun and wind on the exterior of buildings, houses and offices and gives an aesthetic appearance. – Reduces UV rays by 70-80%. – It partially eliminates the force of the wind. It prevents pest and insect passage. – It provides savings in the amount of fuel used for heating.

Technicial Specifications


88 lowe

99 lowe




360 g/m2

290 g/m2

EN ISO 2286-2


0,45 mm

0,32 mm



 177 cm

177 cm


standard format length

 50 lm

50 lm


tensile strength (curve/mesh)

145/145 daN/ 5 cm

160/170 daN/ 5 cm

EN ISO 1421

tear strength (curve/mesh)

14/14 daN

11/13 daN

DIN 53.363

flame retardancy

B-s2, d0/EN13501-1
M1/NFP92-507 • Methot1 ve 2/NFPA701 • CSFMT19 • SINIF A/ ASTME84
CANULCS109 • SINIF 1/EN 13773 • M1/ UNE 23727-90 • BS 7837 • BS 5867
VKF 5.3/SN 198898 • Schwerbrennbar Q1-Tr1/ ONORM A 3800-1
B1/DIN 4102-1 • 1530.3/AS/NZS • Grup 1/AS NZS 3837
G1/GOST 30244-94 • SINIF 1/UNI 9177-87

B-s2, d0/EN13501-1
B1/DIN 4102-1 • BS 7837 • BS 5867 • Schwerbrennbar-Q1-Tr1/ONORM A 3800-1
M1/UNE 23.727-90 • VKF 5.2/SN 198898 • 1530.3/AS/NZS • G1/GOST 30244-94
Methot 1 ve 2 /NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • Sınıf A/ASTM E84
Sınıf 1 / UNI 9177-87 CAN ULCS 109


Smart Systems

TA16 Series Engine

TiMOTION’s TA16 series linear actuator is similar to the TA2 linear actuator but is specifically designed for low noise applications where a compact linear actuator is required. Hall sensors are available for optional IP66 protection and position feedback. TA16 certifications include IEC60601-1, ES60601-1, IEC60601-1-2, UL962 and EMC.

General features

Max. load: 3,500N (push/pull)
Max. maximum speed load: 6.2 mm/s
Max. no-load speed: 58.2 mm/s
Retracted length: ≥ Stroke + 112 mm
IP rating: IP66
Certification: IEC60601-1, ES60601-1, IEC60601-1-2, UL962, EMC
Stroke: 20~600mm
Output signals: POT, Hall sensor(s)
Voltage: 12/24/36/48V DC; 12/24V DC (PTC)
silver color
Operating temperature range at full performance: +5°C~+45°C
Very low noise, small size for easy installation
Suitable for patient lifting applicationq

Frequently Asked Questions About Bioclimatic Systems

Would you like your spaces to be at an ideal temperature in all seasons? As you know, we live in closed areas with urbanization. As such, it is very important for a healthy and comfortable life to optimize the amount of oxygen in the environment and the ambient temperature. The bioclimatic awning systems that come into play at this point naturally ensure that the environment in which the mechanism is installed is idealized for the anatomy of people. With these awnings, the open areas can be covered with pergola awnings; At the same time, it can be opened easily when desired to ventilate the environment. Allowing you to enjoy the season in your warm environment in cold seasons, the awnings allow you to enjoy the four seasons comfortably with water and heat insulation.

With its fragmented structure, the awning system, in which different panels are placed on the panel, can allow the sun and air to enter the environment without the need to be fully opened. Bioclimatic awnings, which help to protect the environment from heat and cold in the best way, minimize the use of electronic devices such as air conditioners and fans. It helps to make the environment an ideal living space in a completely natural way. In the long run, this helps both to reduce your electricity bill and to prevent pain and health problems due to the use of these electronic devices.

Our country is a country where all four seasons are experienced with the effect of latitude and longitude. As such, from the cold and rain of winter; we feel the effect of the seasons at a high level until the scorching heat of summer. Each season has its own unique texture and negative features. Bioclimatic awning models that reduce the effects of the adverse and wearing conditions of the seasons are awnings that offer safe and comfortable use in many different areas. Bioclimatic awnings help to protect us from the rains of autumn and spring, the cold of snow in winter, the sun in summer and heat waves.

These advantages of bioclimatic awnings make them preferred in many areas. These areas have a wide range of venues, from living spaces such as homes to workplaces and entertainment venues. To give examples of areas where bioclimatic awnings are used:




house entrance

Restaurants & Cafes and Restaurants


Coffee shop



hookah lounge

Tea garden

Designing a bioclimatic awning that is resistant to adverse weather conditions of all four seasons is a job that requires both mastery and effort. In order for the awning to be used for many years without deterioration, the material and paint used must be of high quality. For this reason, working with a reliable and expert bioclimatic awning manufacturer is the key to getting the efficiency you want from your awning. These systems, which protect from the scorching heat of summer and snow, hail and frost in winter, are awning systems that can be used safely all over our country. The bioclimatic awning, which provides comfortable spaces in homes, also allows creating both stylish and ostentatious spaces when it is desired to gain extra space in workplaces.

In order to understand the working system of bioclimatic awnings, first of all, it is necessary to know the structure of these awning systems. These awning systems are awnings that have an aluminum design, that provide partial and comfortable use. Therefore, the operation of this aluminum material and the partially retractable awning system is based on this particulate working mechanism of the bioclimatic awning system.

In general, the bioclimatic awning mechanism is a mechanism that can be opened up to 90 degrees. This is accomplished by selecting the parts to be opened from the remote control or digital display screen during opening. Through the parts opened in this way, the environment is easily ventilated and the environment is provided with sunlight as desired. It makes it possible to adjust the angle of the awning according to the angle of the sun in the winter months when the sun is less and less visible. Thus, it allows to break the winter cold and get maximum efficiency from the sun.

The bioclimatic awning system, which not only creates sheltered, stylish and comfortable spaces, but also optimizes the environment in which it is installed for the human anatomy, is quite useful. Let’s take a look at the useful features of bioclimatic awnings, which provide many advantages to their users:

The partially retractable ceiling can be used by opening it completely if desired, or by opening it partially if desired. Since the parts can be opened up to 90 degrees, it is ensured that the environment is warm and airy with the adjusted angle.

Its waterproof feature and wind-resistant structure provide a high level of protection against the adverse weather conditions of the seasons. With its aluminum system and stainless steel mechanism, it protects the environment in the best way against rain, snow and wind.

Since the materials used are made of high quality and stainless steel, they are both durable and long-lasting awning systems.

Even when opened for ventilation, its qualified profiles allow to ventilate the environment without being affected by rain, snow and wind.

It is an awning model that can be used in every place, regardless of the property of the place, as it can be applied to every place.

While the folded panels ventilate the environment, it protects the environment from the burning sun with its shading feature.

With the angle of the panels, the bioclimatic awning model provides the opportunity to sunbathe the environment in the desired amount.

It helps to keep the temperature of the environment ideal with heat insulation. With this feature, it provides protection from the cold while getting maximum efficiency from the sun in the winter months. In addition, it provides protection from hot air and sun in summer, allowing to create cool and comfortable areas.

Models that can be adapted to living spaces in accordance with the design and architectural plan of the environment allow you to create spaces that are both stylish and integrated with the environment.

Awning models available in every color and material allow you to create spaces that suit your personal taste.

Bioclimatic awnings, which provide the opportunity to ventilate your space as you wish and sunbathe without disturbing your comfort, in short, offer you everything you want from an awning, and much more. In these days when the climate crisis is getting more and more serious, it helps you to create safe spaces by breaking the negative effects of the seasons.

Bioclimatic tent and smartroof pergola systems are ideal products that maximize heat insulation and maximize ambient ventilation and sun exposure. Smartroof pergolas significantly increase the capacity of protecting the environment from external influences by offering folding and gathering movements together to the customers. The protection of the environment can be significantly increased with smartroof pergola systems, which enable to create stylish, elegant and ideal living environments. While creating ideal environments with bioclimatic awning systems; With smartroof technology, you can easily create areas that can be fully opened and closed and collected.

The prices of bioclimatic awnings, which will make your environment a warm home and increase the efficiency you receive from your environment, vary according to many factors. The quality and raw materials of the materials used in the design of these systems directly affect the price of the products. In addition, the model of the bioclimatic awning also plays a major role in determining the price. The price of the awning varies according to the selected mechanism and design features. You can clarify the price by deciding on the model you want, need and like. Finally, the factor that is effective in determining the price of the awning is the square meter of the area where the awning system will be placed. As the square meter increases, the price of the awning increases as the material used increases and the mechanism becomes more robust. While the price of bioclimatic awning is more economical in small areas; It is more expensive in large areas such as terraces. You can reach the net price of bioclimatic awning by choosing square meters, design and materials.