Royal Class R&D

The R&D department has adopted the principle of customer-oriented design. Customer requests and expectations form our design inputs. The customer is informed about all stages of the design and a strong communication is established with the customer. The contribution of the solution to the customer, the outputs to be made for maximizing the customer benefit and our engineers who play an active role in the customer’s investment decision; In addition to being a solution partner, it also assumes the role of investment consultancy for the benefit of our customers.

We do teamwork in design and projecting. In royalclass R&D, where the appropriate platform is always open for idea owners to be involved in the process and to defend their project work, the necessary management support is provided for the commercialization of innovation and its contribution to our sustainable growth, and particular attention is paid to transparency.

The design consisting of modeling and analysis, technical drawings and electronic software are done by the electronics and mechanical engineering in Royal class R&D. Using the latest technology products and programs, our engineers use three-dimensional modeling. Solid modeling contributes to optimum design time and also gives the opportunity to work with the customer. Our engineers make various analyzes after modeling at the design stage. After the mechanical design is verified, after programming according to the working logic, tests are carried out.

New and original projects constitute sixty percent of Royalclass’s turnover, and it has developed many original projects by devoting seven percent of its total turnover to R&D expenditures.